Welcome to Straw Built Homes.

Once again .... Welcome to Straw Built Homes.

And thank you for your interest in Straw Bale Homes.  They are such warm, comfortable and energy efficient buildings, that we feel everyone should have the privilege to be able to experience and to live in one :-)

That's our goal really - To help get more Straw Bale Homes Designed and Built - and in so doing improve the comfort, quality and energy efficiency of homes built here in New Zealand.

We really have had a great time building with bales since the early 1990’s. It is a fascinating construction technique, which has resulted in some pretty exciting and unique projects, in an array of different sizes and styles. From modest to the highest of levels of finish and detailing.  In a multitude of settings - literally from the Sand dunes to Mountain tops!

More importantly, in process of creating such warm, inviting creative dwellings, we have also developed some tremendous relationships with the owners and people we have had the pleasure to work with and meet.

We are very fortunate to have such a creative, enthusiastic team and we would all like to invite you to enjoy our site, and if you do have a specific project in mind, make a project enquiry so we can discuss things further :-)

Pumice Straw Bale Tiny House
We know there may be quite a few of you interested in Pumice after the Living Big in a Tiny House episode.

We just wanted to let you know that you can actually stay in pumice - and it's available to book over on Airbnb.
Simply visit this link which will take you to the Pumice page on Airbnb: www.pumicetinyhouse.co.nz

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Straw Built ...


Bruce & Lisa
" Sustainable Structures helped us create a house of difference, style and warmth.
But most important of all, a place that really feels like home"